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Ganoderma...  An ancient remedy for modern times.
ling-zhi, lingzhi, ganoderma, reishi
Welcome to the Ganotherapy USA website!

"Ganotherapy is a process of maintaining the healing system at an optimum level by supplementation with the highest quality Ganoderma Lucidum Fruiting Body and Mycelium extracts." ®

The focus of this website is good health, and how to maintain it.  You've all heard the conventional suggestions for better health and well-being:  quality diet, regular exercise, regular medical checkups, &tc.  Those things are still very important to your good health, and we're not going to tell you to ignore them.  Our aim is to educate you about a supplementation to the treatments you may be receiving now - something that is organically grown, all natural, with nothing artifical, and concentrated for maximum efficacy - Ganoderma Lucidum.

The photo above shows ling-zhi (aka ganoderma, reishi) in its natural state.  It is a medicinal mushroom, that the Chinese for centuries have called "The King Of Herbs", because it is what modern medical science calls an "ADAPTOGEN" - meaning that it is non-toxic (no harmful side-effects), not limited to special organs or tissues, and has an overall normalizing effect. The adaptogen concept aims to cure by normalizing all body functions. It holds the notion that unless everything is put into its right track, there can be no complete cure.

Basically, if you can flush the toxins out of your body, and give your immune system a boost, your body should heal itself naturally - the way it was meant to work!

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